Thursday, February 16, 2017

Resetting your classic Nokia phone's security lock

I have a classic Nokia phone which I have not used since ages.

I need to get some help of my classic friend as my new android phone has some issues.

But I ended up forgetting the security code which I have set for my classic friend.

After some good amount of search, I ended up with this link:

So, Yes it helped :)

Ensure sim is removed.
Switch off the phone.

    Call key(Green one) + Asterisk key (*) + Number Three (3)
    + "Start the phone by pressning start button".

    It reset the security code to 12345...voila Now I can use my phone :)) J

    You need to get help from another hand to press all these 4 keys I suppose :)

    Tuesday, January 17, 2017

    Login to a running docker container

    How to login to a running container?

    First get the docker id using this command:
     $ docker ps
    feb8867e1fd9 ...

    Then, run bash process inside the corresponding container id.
    $ docker exec -it  <feb8867e1fd9> bash

    Where options:
                 -i interactive
                 -t allocate a pseudo-TTY.

    [root@feb8867e1fd9 /]# [root@feb8867e1fd9 /]# 

    We are inside the container now :)

    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    stop disable firewall in Centos 7.0

    stop firewall
    [store1@outspokencentos ~]$ systemctl stop firewalld

    To disable it permanently
    [store1@outspokencentos ~]$ systemctl disable firewalld