Monday, April 28, 2014

ltp individual test case running

To run ltp individual test case, use this:

[root@localhost ltp]# pwd
[root@localhost ltp]# ./runltp -s memcg_regression 
[root@localhost ltp]# 

This will get results and logs saved.

Here I have selected one entry from runtest/controllers., select accordingly from 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

bonnie++ Can't open file

While running bonnie++ , you may face this error :

# ./bonnie++ -d /mnt -s 8056M -n 0 -m TEST_IO -f -b -u username
Using uid:1000, gid:1000.
Can't open file ./Bonnie.3497.000

You need to add -u root:root , to the command line like :

./bonnie++ -d /mnt -s 8056M -n 0 -m TEST_IO -f -b -u root:root